How to Create a Website Development Plan

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By now, you’ve probably heard about all the wonders of online marketing. For example, you might’ve heard how 40% of local search engine optimization, also known as local SEO, campaigns achieve returns on investment in excess of 500%!
Obviously, this is fantastic, but cool your jets. Local SEO first starts with a quality website development plan. Without that, you’ve got nothing to go on. To help you reap the benefits of SEO, here’s how to develop such a top notch website development plan!
Brain Storm.
Everything in life needs planning–even your website development plan. Before you do anything having to do with a computer, you first need to answer questions like what’s the point of your site? What do you want to accomplish with it–sell products and share info or something more? Who’s your target audience? What sort of info is this specific audience looking for?
Create a Sitemap.
Once you’ve answered all those questions, it’s time to map out your vision with a sitemap. This is the most basic form of website development plans. It’s a list of all your main topics, what sub-topics branch off of those, and more. It’s literally a map of your site, telling you and others how to get from one place to the next. It allows you to develop an easily navigable, highly usable website.
At this phase of your website development plan, you also need to figure out what features your site needs. For example, if you hope to take credit card orders online, you’re going to need a way to do that. This is where you’d figure out how to get those operational.
Once you have your sitemap, know what features you need, and know where they go, you’re ready to start implementing your website development plan, but you’re not quite done with it yet.
Design the Site’s Aesthetics.
Perhaps the most fun part of your website development plan, this is where you get to design the look and feel of your site. Many people will hire web designers to help them out with this, but there are also plenty of free, great-looking templates out there for you to use as well. Be sure to also include some quality photos as well, but be careful not to overdo it. Too many pictures will slow a website down and confuse users.
And there you have it. At it’s most basic form, that’s how you devise and implement a website development plan. Now, you can finally start to get some SEO working for you, and watch the web traffic and leads stream in. If you have any questions about coming up with a website development plan, feel free to ask in the comments.