Social Media, SEO Foundation to Solid Internet Marketing

Social media marketing firms

Internet marketing when correctly executed can be very effective. The vehicles to generate leads online are growing though new channels regularly. When overseeing business website development, organic search optimization is not the only tool available to increase your website visibility and traction. While organic search optimization is probably the most important, social media is also a very valuable internet asset to companies today.

Given US companies have an average of 178 in social media marketing assets, businesses are ramping up there presence with an estimated 70% running a Facebook page. That is due in great part to data showing 100 million active Twitter and 125 million active Facebook users world wide. Social media is an open market for companies trying to reach a target audience. But there are right ways to use social media and there are wrong ways to use social media.

Managing content marketing, or the creation and sharing of media and publishing said content with the intention of attracting customers, is among widely used content marketing strategies. Described as “banner blindness,” studies show internet users often ignore web page zones likely to contain display ads. Video, on the other hand, increase peoples’ understanding of your product 74%. Most importantly, 75% of users visit a marketer’s website after watching their video.

Informative well produced videos posted to a company’s social media feed will effectively help people with a better understanding of their product or business and draw traffic from 75% of the audience who watched the video. But drawing your audience to your website from social media is as important as drawing your audience to social media from your website, according to 77% of internet users. Those polled indicate a social media login on a company website is a valuable feature to direct them to a company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Organic search optimization is imperative to inbound internet marketing. But companies implementing social media are speaking to audience of hundreds of millions of people. While organic search optimization may lead traffic to your site from search engines, generating traffic through social media also is effective to making the internet among the best tools for lead generation today.