Three Ways Search Engine Optimization Help Revolutionizes Your Web Marketing

Inbound marketing strategy

With more money flying around the web than ever before, eMarketer puts annual eCommerce totals above $1 trillion, finding effective ways to brand and market your products and services is more important than ever. With 93% of all internet experiences beginning with a search engine, search engine optimization is the key to attracting web users’ attention. However, many businesses find they lack the resources to effectively implement a successful SEO campaign in-house. Luckily, inbound marketing services exist to provide companies in that exact situation with the search engine optimization help they so desperately need.

Inbound Marketing Strategies Generate More Leads%3Cbr%3E
The search engine optimization help offered by reputable web advertising companies is the best way to generate leads and new revenue. In fact, inbound marketing tools generate 54% more leads than outbound strategies. Content marketing, the creation of high quality blogs, articles, and other content, leads to 97% more inbound links for businesses, growing their traffic and increasing potential leads. When all is said and done, according to Inbound Writer, generating a lead through inbound marketing costs less than 50% of what it does through outbound. Further, leads generated through SEO are seven times more likely to close.

Social Media is the Key to New Customers%3Cbr%3E
Social media has become a pillar in all effective web marketing strategies. Over 70% of American businesses use Facebook, a social media platform that hosts more than 1.4 billion active users, according to Statistic Brain. As Social Media Today writes, 77% of business to consumer marketers say they have generated at least one new customer through their social media pages. Social media marketing firms, who also offer search engine optimization help, can give businesses their best shot at getting new customers online, as 77% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a business that actively uses social media.

Website Development is Crucial to Web Survival%3Cbr%3E
Proper website development is one of the most critical services offered through companies specializing in search engine optimization help. Responsive web design, the key to attracting customers in both mobile and traditional computing markets in one fell swoop, is the most important method of designing web pages for effective web marketing. With 47% of mobile users saying they will permanently abandon a website if it takes too long to load, the importance of responsive web design should be quite clear.

Search engine optimization is critical to web marketing, but it can be quite difficult for businesses without the right resources to implement. Inbound marketing professionals offer the search engine optimization help so many companies need, forever improving their web marketing.